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What would Slovaks do in case of war?


Bratislava, Slovakia – A new survey asked Slovaks about how they would react should war reach their country. The questions did not state who the potential aggressor would be.

According to the Focus agency poll, almost a third of the population (32%) would flee the conflict. Nationwide, this represents approximately 1,8 million people.

Young women aged 18 to 34 were most likely to say they would leave.

Nearly half of the respondents (48%) said they would remain in Slovakia but would not take part in the fighting.

About 13% of Slovaks said they would stay and fight to defend their country, while 7% didn’t how what their reaction would be.

Slovak men (23%, and 31% for those aged 18 to 34) were much more likely than women (3% and 6%, respectively) to say they would directly take part in the fighting.

Apart from gender and generational factors, the survey also highlights strong partisan differences in how voters of different parties would behave in case of war.

The most inclined to leave Slovakia are voters of the Progressive Slovakia (PS) and Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) parties, while Smer and Hlas supporters were more inclined to stay without fighting.

Voters of the far-right, pro-Russian Republika party and of PS showed the highest willingness to fight.

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