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World’s longest suspension bridge opens in Czech Republic tomorrow


Brno, Czech Republic – Those with a fear of heights, beware: the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge will open to the public in Moravia on May 13.

Built at an altitude of more than 1,100 meters and suspended at a height of 95 meters above ground, the so-called Sky Bridge 721 will open tomorrow in the mountain resort of Dolni Morava, in north-eastern Czech Republic.

“It will take some courage to cross the bridge, but we guarantee a unique experience that you will never forget,” reads the description on the official website.

With a total length of 721 meters, the Moravian suspension footbridge is supported by a main rope of more than 7 cm in diameter. The entire construction is said to weigh more than 400 tons.

After stepping off from the bridge, visitors will follow a two-kilometre educational trail entitled The Bridge of Time, topped off with elements of augmented reality for both adults and children.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the bridge, as are bikes or prams.

As reported earlier by Kafkadesk, it will become the longest bridge of its kind in the world, beating the current record-holder Arouca 516 located in Portugal.

Already a popular destination for tourists from across the region, the Dolni Morava resort is now expected to attract even bigger crowds of thrill-seeking adventurers.

The world’s longest non-pedestrian suspension bridge is the Akashi Kaikyo bridge in Japan, boasting a span of nearly 2,000 meters.