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Study in Poland: a guide for international students


Warsaw, Poland – If you’re looking for an international study program in Europe that combines high-quality university education with affordable tuition fees and a vibrant cultural and student lifestyle, Poland might be the place for you.

Top advantages of studying in Poland

There are several reasons why so many foreign students choose Poland:

  1. High-quality universities that attract students from different regions and countries, with the top ones being Warsaw University, Poznan University, and of course the Jagellonian University in Krakow
  2. Significantly lower cost of living and education than in many other countries in Europe, including compared to many of its direct neighbours. To help you out during your studies, you can easily reach out to professional college essay writers when you need assignment help and get a high-quality service. 
  3. Several scholarship programs are available to help you ease already affordable tuition fees in Poland. 
  4. Student life in Poland is both energetic and cultural and is filled with numerous opportunities to leverage wherever you decide to put down your suitcases.

Studying in Poland without IELTS

The possibility of enrolling in Polish universities without needing to sit down and clear IELTS is good news to many students. Unlike many universities across Europe, Poland doesn’t make it mandatory for international students to pass IELTS before gaining admission into a university.

Instead, they also accept students that had their education in an English background. All you need to do is hold an interview on Skype with the admission officer of the university you’re applying for. The interview result will be considered when the school authorities are taking their final acceptance decision. 

Studying fees

There are two types of fees you’ll be asked to pay if you want to study at a Polish university:

  • Admission fee: this covers everything related to your admission and registration process (around €200)
  • Tuition fee: this is the annual fee that students pay for their studies (from €2,000 to €4,000 on average).

Cost of living and tuition

Poland offers very reasonable and sometimes free tuition for EU students. The affordable tuition leaves room for students to live more comfortably and afford the best essay writing services to meet their essay writing needs if they need it.

Some of the most affordable universities in Poland that offer a high standard of education are the Medical University of Lodz, Warsaw University of Technology, Poznan University of Technology and Poznan University of Life Sciences.

But there are more than 450 universities in Poland, many of them in the private sector. As many as 14 Polish institutions were featured in the QS World University Ranking, proof of the high-quality of education on offer all across the country. Among the top ones, you might like to check Jagiellonian University in Krakow and Warsaw University. Affordable education doesn’t mean low-quality education.

Study and work in Poland

Poland gives international students the right to work while studying in the country. As an international student, you may be able to get a part-time job around the year if you’re from the EU without applying for a work permit. However, non-EU students only have the right to work from July to September.

You’ll need to get a work permit to do jobs that continue around the year. It isn’t too hard to get a work permit in Poland, but working alongside other extracurricular activities means you’ll have less time to complete your coursework and essays, so you might have to contact argumentative essays writers to help you.