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Ostracised Czech politician in hospital after suspected suicide attempt


Prague, Czech Republic – Former Czech lawmaker Dominik Feri was hospitalised over the week-end after a suspected suicide attempt, local media reported citing a police spokesperson.

The former member of TOP 09, who resigned last year over accusations of sexual harassment and rape, was taken to a hospital in Prague with moderate injuries, according to media reports.

“According to initial information, it was a suicide attempt,” police spokesman Jan Rybanský told “Criminologists are now dealing with the case.”

Press reports suggest Feri was being treated for knife stab wounds, and the server published several photos showing the former MP of Ethiopian ancestry being taken away in a stretcher.

The youngest and first black MP elected to Czech Parliament, Dominik Feri was long seen as one of the most popular politicians in the Czech Republic. His Instagram page was one of the most followed on Czech social media, especially among younger generations.

In 2019, the young MP was named in the Politico 28 list as one of the rising stars most likely to shape the future of Europe.

Feri fell from public grace in 2021 after a joint investigation by Denik N and A2larm reporters published testimonies of several women accusing him of sexual harassment and rape.

Criminal proceedings against Feri, who resigned shortly after, are still underway, and the 25-year-old could face a prison sentence of up to 10 years considering one of his victims was under 18 at the time.

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