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Czech workers discover huge cocaine shipment hidden in banana crates


Prague, Czech Republic – A massive shipment of 840 kg of cocaine was discovered by employees of Kaufland supermarkets in the Czech towns of Jičín and Rychnov nad Kněžnou, local police announced.

The workers reportedly found the drug packages, which investigators believe came from Colombia, concealed in nearly 100 banana boxes distributed in two different Kaufland supermarkets.

Luckily, the cocaine was found before the crates were put on display in the stores.

With a total estimated value of about 2 billion Kc, this is the largest single drug shipment seized in the history of the Czech Republic.

In 2015, Czech police had already seized more than 100 kg of cocaine found in a Prague supermarket, also concealed in banana crates.

Czech police are hoping to gather enough evidence to identify and arrest the traffickers behind this shipment.

They are also looking into the possibility that the record bust might be connected to the 4.5 tons of cocaine recently seized by Italian police in Trieste.

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