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Top universities in Poland for international students


Warsaw, Poland – Poland has become a popular destination for international students and it is easy to see why. The Central European nation has an array of universities to choose from, with many courses offered in English and other international languages.

All Polish universities go through a rigorous accreditation and assessment process to ensure that they meet international standards before they can enroll students.

As a result, universities in Poland have been increasingly improving in international ranking in the last decade. Internationalization efforts in recent years have also contributed to an influx of foreign students.

Warsaw is the largest city and the capital of Poland, and also serves as an education hub with many universities that offer a wide range of courses. Other university cities in Poland include Poznan, Kracow, Wroclaw, and Lodz.

Studying at a university in Poland

Poland has one of the oldest education systems in Europe, dating back to the Middle Ages. For instance, one of the top universities, Jagiellonian University, was founded in the 14th century and is one of the oldest universities still in operation in Europe.

Still, Poland offers a burgeoning academic environment that prioritizes the quality of education. The number of private and public institutions of higher learning in Poland has quadrupled in the last decade, while the student population has multiplied fivefold. 

Poland is known for its specialized technical institutions. Tens of thousands of specialists graduate every year in programs like computer science, engineering, and medicine.

Universities with exceptional international ranking in technical courses include AGH University of Science and Technology and Warsaw University of Technology. Similarly, Poland’s medical schools are popular destinations for international students who missed enrollment into medical programs in their home country. The medical schools at the University of Silesia and the University of Warsaw are among the best ranked in Poland.

Student life in Poland

Poland is among the few countries offering the most stable environment for foreign students. The country’s economy has grown dramatically in the last two decades, making the country attractive for its high quality of life.

Furthermore, the environment is modern, safe, and clean. Students can find the social and cultural opportunities offered in western and northern European countries but at a lower cost of living. For example, living in a student dormitory can cost under 100 euros per month. It is common for international students to get by with less than 500 euros per month depending on the city and desired lifestyle.

Tuition and living fees in Poland make it an attractive destination for international students. The average tuition fee for the first degree at public universities is about 2,000 euros per year, while vocational programs and higher degrees cost an average of 3,000 euros per annum. The cost is much lower than in the U.S. and the U.K.

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Are there English universities in Poland?

Foreign students in Poland have the chance to choose from over 400 programs in different universities every year. Learning in Poland can take two forms. Students can opt to study either an English medium of instruction or a Polish medium degree program.

Whichever medium of instruction you choose, you will need to present proof of proficiency in English or Polish languages before processing of admission and visa.

In the following list, find the best universities in Poland that offer English medium of instruction.

List of top-ranking universities in Poland

The universities are ranked numerically based on their position in the global university rankings.

                    UniversityQS Ranking 2022THE Ranking 2022ARWU Ranking 2021
1.    University of Warsaw308601401
2.    Jagiellonian University309501401
3.    Warsaw University of Technology5011201901
4.    Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań (UAM)8011001901
5.    AGH University of Science and Technology8011201701
6.    Cracow University of Technology8011201
7.    Gdansk University of Technology8011001801
8.    Lodz University of Technology8011201
9.    Nicolaus Copernicus University8011001
10.  Poznan University of Technology8011201
11.  Silesian University of Technology8011201
12.  University of Gdansk8011201
13.  University of Lodz8011201
14.  University of Wroclaw8011201
15.  Wrocław University of Science and Technology8011201901