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Destroyed Russian tank goes on display in Warsaw


Warsaw, Poland – A Russian tank and other military equipment damaged and captured by the Ukrainian army went on display in Warsaw this week in an initiative designed to bolster hopes in Kyiv’s ultimate victory.

“This exhibition proves that Russians can be defeated,” Michal Dworczyk, an aide to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, said during the inauguration on Warsaw’s Castle Square.

“Many groups of people, mainly in Europe, said that the Russian army is invincible. This destroyed Russian equipment proves that determination and courage help in defeating the Russian army”, he added alongside Ukraine’s deputy-Defence Minister Hanna Maliar, who attended the launch on the eve of a historic NATO summit in Madrid, Spain.

“Ukrainian soldiers are defending not only their homeland, but also the security of Poland and the whole of Europe,” Dworczyk continued.

“Moscow still has the Soviet ambition of bringing Russian tanks to the Atlantic Ocean, to the English Channel,” Maliar commented. “With this exhibition, we want to demonstrate that thanks to Ukraine, thanks to our resistance, such tanks can get to Europe only as museum exhibits.”

Called “For our Freedom and Yours”, the display comprises a T-72 tank, a self-propelled howitzer and parts of Russian missile systems captured by Ukrainian forces at the beginning of the war.

After being displayed in Warsaw’s Old Town, the damaged Russian military equipment is set to go on show in Madrid and Lisbon, and could also travel to the Czech Republic according to early reports.

Russia has lost more than 1,500 tanks and armored vehicles since the start of the war in late February, according to the Ukrainian armed forces.

Before launching its invasion, the Russian army was estimated to possess a total of about 13,000 tanks and 20,000 armored vehicles.