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Poland lagging in online casino scene, but Warsaw offers some great casino nights


Warsaw, Poland – Casino gaming is no longer just for secret agents and celebrity high rollers. These days, it is easy enough for anyone to place a bet, and in most countries, that is down to the prevalence of online casinos that you can access from your PC or smartphone.  

The rise of online betting – comparing Canada and Poland 

Western Europe and North America are leading the way as far as online betting is concerned, while most Central and Eastern European countries have some catching up to do. Canada in particular provides an interesting comparison to Poland. 

This time last year, the two nations had similar regulations as far as online casino gaming was concerned – both countries prohibited domestic providers from providing online gambling with a handful of specific exceptions such as state lotteries. 

Of course, that doesn’t prevent people from accessing betting sites based in other countries, and the law does not prohibit that. This, however, is where Canada and Poland’s situations start to diverge. In Canada, it is estimated that despite the absence of domestic online casino providers, around 70% of Canadians who gamble do so online. 

That equates to a market worth about $30 billion per year, so it is understandable that Canadians are actually spoilt for choice when it comes to offshore providers specifically targeting them (see for more details). 

Furthermore, the Canadian authorities have got wise to this essentially untapped market – just imagine the tax dollars that could be realized here. Change is in the air, and Ontario is leading the way as the first state to offer licenses to online casinos.  

In Poland, there is undoubtedly a similar opportunity and legal reform regarding online casinos will come in time. However, it could still be some years down the line. In the meantime, casino gaming is done the old-fashioned way and in Warsaw, in particular, you’re spoilt for choice. 

Now Warsaw has deservedly cultivated a reputation for offering some of the hippest nightlife in Central Europe. But if you find yourself turned off by the posing, the bouncers and the endless lines of velvet rope associated with the night clubs, an evening at one of the city’s casinos offers a sophisticated alternative.  

Casinos Poland Warsaw  

Casinos Poland operates several casinos in Warsaw and across Poland. All are situated within luxury hotels, and the largest in Warsaw takes up 12,000 square feet of space at the Marriot. 

Split across two floors, this is the place to come if you enjoy table games, and there’s also a good selection of slots. There’s a very similar casino at the Hilton, operated by the same group but on a smaller footprint. On a Friday or Saturday night, it can get crowded, so of the two, the Marriot is probably the better choice. 

Casino Palace Warsaw 

This high class yet friendly casino is nestled away in the old town. There’s a certain sense of faded grandeur about the place that only adds to the atmosphere. The table games are as traditional as they come, but despite everything else seeming to have been there for hundreds of years, the cabinets feature the very latest slot games. Well worth a visit if you like a place with a bit of character. 

Hit Casino 

The diametric opposite to Casino Palace, Hit Casino is a popular gambling hangout where you don’t have to stand on ceremony or dress formally. 

Located adjacent to the Hotel Gromada on Plac Powstańców in the middle of the city, it’s also the best place to go if you are looking for a game of poker, as the other casinos seem to offer little beyond the three-card variety. Phone in advance to check when the next tournament is taking place. As well as the five poker tables, there are 30 gaming machines three blackjack tables and three roulette tables. 

Royal Casino Grand 

This traditional casino offers a good choice of 70 slot games plus roulette and blackjack tables in intimate surroundings. Customer service is taken seriously and there are complimentary soft drinks for gamblers. The casino hosts occasional poker tournaments, but not every day, so either try your luck or give them a call first to avoid disappointment. 

Ice Casino 

Here’s a modern alternative that gives new meaning to the word cool. Ice Casino is located to the north of the city near the Auchan supermarket, and offers an impressive choice of slots and table games in a super-relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Being on the periphery of the city centre means it’s usually less crowded than the big-name casinos in the major hotels.

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