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Meet Tomáš T-72, the crowdfunded tank Czechs have gifted Ukraine


Prague, Czech Republic – After successfully fundraising more than 30 million Kc, the Czech organisation Dárek pro Putina (Gift for Putin) announced they will buy a tank and donate it to the Ukrainian armed forces.

Named Tomáš after Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the founder of Czechoslovakia, the upgraded Soviet-era T-72 Avenger tank is reportedly the first to be acquired via crowdfunding.

“The Czech Republic became the first country where ordinary people bought a tank,” Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister and former ambassador to the Czech Republic Yevhen Perebyinis commented.

Over 11,000 people donated money, according to the organisers. Launched at the beginning of September, the campaign was backed by the Czech Defence Ministry and Ukraine’s embassy in Prague.

“Many thanks to all of you who buy [Putin] ‘gifts’ in the form of support for Ukraine”, joked Czech Defence Minister Jana Černochová, humorously pointing out that it was “a proper present” for the Russian President’s 70th birthday on October 7.

Dárek pro Putina announced that the additional money they continue to receive will be used to buy ammunition, bulletproof vests, or thermal clothing for the Ukrainian army.

The organisation has led several fundraising campaigns since the start of the Russian invasion, including to buy drones for the Ukrainian army.

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