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Ukrainian embassy in Prague sprayed with red paint


Prague, Czech Republic – The Ukrainian embassy in Prague was vandalised in the early hours of Wednesday morning, local police said.

Police spokesman Jan Rybanský told the Czech News Agency (CTK) that the act was caught on camera and that they were looking for the unknown male suspect who sprayed red paint on the embassy’s fence and stairs, located on Charles de Gaulle street in Prague 6.

Ukraine’s embassy will now be guarded around the clock by police officers, spokeswoman Kateřina Rendlová said.

“The embassy of Ukraine has been assessed as a high-risk facility since the beginning of the war,” she told CTK, “but up until now with a minimal incidence of security incidents.”

This is a rare occurrence of anti-Ukrainian sentiment in the Czech Republic.

The Russian embassy in Prague has several times been sprayed with red paint, including on February 24 when dozens of demonstrators gathered in front of the building to protest Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

From the United States to the Baltics, a number of Russian embassies or consulates around the world have suffered a similar fate since the start of the war.

In Poland, the Russian ambassador himself was doused with red paint in May while visiting the Soviet Military Cemetery in Warsaw on Victory Day.

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