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Prague named “City Saviour” by Ukrainian President Zelenskiy


Prague, Czech Republic – Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has awarded Prague the honorary title of “Saviour City” for its support of Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the war.

In an official decree signed last week, Zelenskiy highlighted “the humanity, mercifulness and solidarity” shown by the city and people of Prague in assisting “the citizens of Ukraine who were forced to leave their homeland as a consequence of Russia’s armed aggression, as well as for the strong support of Ukraine in defence of its independence and sovereignty”.

The award pays tribute to the large-scale mobilisation and assistance provided by the local population, volunteers, non-governmental organisations, and municipal authorities in providing shelter and facilitating the integration of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian war refugees.

“Congratulations, Golden Prague, and thank you very much,” wrote on Twitter Yevhen Perebyinis, Ukraine’s former ambassador in the Czech capital.

The title was awarded on October 28, one of the most important national holidays in the Czech Republic commemorating the founding of Czechoslovakia in 1918.

Prague mayor Zdeněk Hřib took to social media to thank Ukrainian authorities for the award, noting on Twitter that the city had “ensured safety from the war for 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, mostly women and children” since late February. “We also support Ukraine materially and will continue to do so even in the context of post-war reconstruction,” he wrote.

The Czech Republic as a whole has been one of Ukraine’s most vocal and active allies since Moscow launched its full-scale invasion, providing diplomatic, military and humanitarian assistance to the besieged country and its inhabitants.

Prague becomes the third city to receive Ukraine’s honorary title after Rzeszow and Przemyśl, both in neighbouring Poland.

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