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New night train to connect Prague to Germany and Switzerland


Prague, Czech Republic – Night trains are coming back in force, and the Czech Republic intends to make the most of it.

National rail company České dráhy announced last month the launch of a new sleeper train running from the capital Prague to Zurich in Switzerland, with scheduled stops in Dresden, Leipzig, Frankfurt am Main and Basel, TimeOut reports.

Reviving an old route that closed five years ago, the new night trains will be operated from December 11 in collaboration with the Austrian, German, and Swiss national railway carriers.

The entire journey is set to last about 15 hours, departing Prague in late afternoon, and arriving in Zurich at around 9 am the following day.

České dráhy is investing nearly 250 million Kc in the modernisation of its sleeper cars, according to the Czech News Agency, with the national rail operator planning other new routes starting next year under the new brand ČD Night, mostly to other destinations in Central Europe.

Existing České dráhy night train connections include routes from Prague to Warsaw, Budapest, and Innsbruck.

Other private railway companies have revealed plans to promote night trains from the Czech Republic as an affordable and environmentally friendly way of travel.

Last year, Dutch startup European Sleeper announced the start of a new route, in cooperation with Regiojet, connecting Prague and Brussels via Dresden, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Although the launch had been announced for mid-2022, the route still hasn’t opened.

Another connection between Warsaw and Ostend, in Belgium, could also be in the works.

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