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Should Lewandowski retire from international football?


Warsaw, Poland – Robert Lewandowski is one of the most successful football players of all time, and the number of accolades and achievements he has received far exceeds most.

Despite this, there is a growing number of people out there who suggest Lewandowski might be better off retiring from international football in the near future. This might not be as outlandish as it may first seem, so we’ll be going through a few of the most notable points both for and against the Polish star striker’s retirement from international football.

Lewandowski is still in his prime

As you would expect, there are many arguments in favour of Lewandowski continuing to play for the Poland national team. For one, he is still in the prime of his career and continues to be a key player in pretty much all the games he plays.

He has scored a staggering number of goals for both club and country, and his experience and leadership on the pitch are invaluable. Just go and take a look at Lewandowski’s statistics if you need further evidence of this – his performance on the pitch speaks for itself.

On top of his incredible skill, Lewandowski also has a strong connection to the national team and has consistently expressed his pride in representing Poland. He has said on multiple occasions in the past that he wants to help lead the team to success and that he feels a deep sense of responsibility to his country.

Retirement not on the horizon, yet

This makes it pretty unlikely that Lewandowski is going to be retiring from international football anytime soon. Neither Lewandowski, his fans, or his team want him to leave, and when you factor in the amount of traffic and participation that sites like Unibet betting experience whenever Lewandowski features in the game, it is likely that the bookies would not be too happy about his departure either.

Despite his age and the plethora of other factors that take away his attention, Lewandowski constantly expresses his willingness to play for his home country for as long as possible. When someone as determined as Lewandowski sets his mind to something, it’s not easy to shake their ambitions.

Spreading yourself too thin is never a good idea

In spite of the many signs that point towards Lewandowski playing in the international scene for the foreseeable future, there are also a myriad of valid arguments for Lewandowski to consider retiring from international football.

For one, he has a demanding schedule with Barcelona (Bayern Munich until only recently) and the national team, and the demands of playing for both could take a toll on his physical and mental well-being. Additionally, as he gets older, it’s natural for players to start thinking about preserving their energy and focusing on their club careers.

That even goes without mentioning the general wear and tear players experience as they age. Even the best football players of all time eventually succumb to ageing and all of the downsides that come with it, and Lewandowski is certainly no exception.

Sooner or later, the Pole will begin to experience a decline in performance, and this is undoubtedly something that is going to play on his mind when considering whether or not playing in the international squad is still a good idea both for him and the team.

Don’t get us wrong; we have no doubt that Lewandowski is still going to be a phenomenal player for the next few years. But at the level that he plays at as well as the fact that he is playing for both a world-renown football team and a demanding international squad, he might not be able to keep both plates spinning for much longer.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to retire from international football is a deeply personal one that only Lewandowski can make. It’s clear that he has a lot to offer the Poland national team, but he also needs to consider his own well-being and future plans.

Regardless of his decision, there is no denying that Lewandowski has had an incredible career and will go down as one of the greatest footballers of all time.