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Gaming hits in Poland: the most popular online games


Katowice, Poland – Online gaming is taking over the world, and Poland is no different.

When it comes to playing games online, Polish players seem to be following the trends of the rest of the virtual gaming community, a surprising phenomenon considering how numerous record-breaking games were developed in Poland itself, and how local players still seem to prefer those created abroad.

Popular games in Poland

As Hogwarts Legacy is already starting to dominate the world gaming scene, the status of the leading title in Poland is put under question.

So far, Polish players have shown that they are big followers of the gaming trends, and as such, we can expect that the most popular streamers, like YoungMulti and EWROON will perhaps introduce the new Harry Potter-inspired title to their followers – that is in addition to Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V. As we were able to see in 2022, enthusiasts from Poland were also massively interested in new games like Sludge Life and Not For Broadcast. 

However, there are those big titles that simply dominate the Polish gaming scene, year after year. 


As far as ongoing popularity goes, Counter-Strike takes the crown in Poland. According to statistics, CS has been proclaimed as the no.1 game by 72% of Polish players.

And it comes as no surprise since one of the first CS: GO teams that has gained the admiration of gamers worldwide were from Poland. The name of the team was Virtus.Pro, and ever since their major victory at EMS One Katowice in 2014, a lot of young players have looked up to them, and the popularity of this title has been on the rise ever since.

Online casino games

Even though online casino games have been viewed as an activity that is solely reserved for relaxing and unwinding by yourself, there are many of those in Poland who find these types of titles to be ideal for competition and/or cooperation. The number of online casino fans is currently increasing in Poland, with predictions that this number is set to grow even further. 

Even though online casino streaming has been around since the beginning of 2021, there are still many Poles who are struggling to find the best site where they can practice their skills. Whereas some people prefer to visit this website to find the best online casinos available in Poland, others take the time to do their own research.


Another serious contender for the throne in Poland is FIFA. The fuss about the latest edition of this title has even been felt among the Polish gaming community. And even though the most recent one was conveniently released just as the World Cup was drawing near, it wasn’t good enough the beat the popularity of CS. 

League of Legends

With players like Vander and Jankos, and teams such as Illuminar Gaming and Pompa Team, one thing is for sure. Poland is one of the leading countries when it comes to delivering high-quality LoL performance. Moreover, players are still interested in the game and every new update as they were at the beginning.

And even though they are not at the very top of the pyramid of trending games, other games like World of Tanks, Starcraft 2, and Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt are among the gamer’s favourites in Poland.

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