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Prague public transport ranked world’s second best

Prague, Czech Republic – Prague has the second-best public transport system in the world, according to a newly released TimeOut survey.

The popular travel and lifestyle website polled more than 20,000 city-dwellers in over 50 cities around the world to identify where public transportation is the most convenient, efficient, and appreciated by locals.

“Sure, a crowded bus on the morning commute isn’t exactly the dream travel experience. But when it comes to exploring the world’s greatest cities, it’s all about hopping a train or bus and discovering the city through the eyes of a local”.

Even in the golden age of Ubers and electric scooters, we couldn’t agree more.

The survey confirmed what most residents of Prague already know, with the city coming second worldwide, topped only by Berlin taking the top spot.

No less than 96% of Prague locals surveyed by TimeOut rated the city’s public transportation system positively.

“Prague wouldn’t be Prague without the sight of a tram dashing in front of a Gothic church or Renaissance stunner”, they write, “but the metro is even better, with three easy-to-use lines covering almost every part of the city”, each one of them with “its own aesthetic character”.

The top 5 is completed by Tokyo, Copenhagen, and Stockholm.

Most of the cities that made the top 19 ranking are in Europe or Asia, with the exception of New York, Montreal and Chicago in North America.

Since the first horse-drawn streetcar embarked on its maiden journey from the National Theatre in 1875, soon followed by the first electric tram in 1891, Prague’s public transport network has grown into one of the densest, most convenient, and affordable in Europe.

In addition to three metro lines (with a fourth one under construction), Prague boasts a tramway network of nearly 150-kilometer of tracks and about 40 lines, including 10 night-routes operating from roughly midnight to 5-6 am.

The city also has more than 100 bus lines and a funicular.

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