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Employment of non-EU citizens highest in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia – According to Eurostat, the highest employment rates for non-EU nationals were recorded in the Czech Republic (84%) and Slovakia (81%).

Czech Republic and Slovakia have highest employment rate for non-EU nationals

Quite interestingly, both Central European countries were also in 2018 the only EU member states (along with Romania, whose data is flagged as unreliable by Eurostat) where the non-EU migrant population had a higher employment rate than both the native-born population (80% in Czechia and 72% in Slovakia) and citizens from other EU member states (79% in Czechia and 72% in Slovakia).


The situation is slightly different in other Central European countries. In Hungary, the employment rate of EU citizens (76%) is slightly higher than the native-born population (74.5%) and several points above the employment rate of non-EU nationals (68%). Meanwhile, recent data also showed that the Hungarian government has delivered a record number of residence permits to non-EU citizens, increasing by more than 110% in one single year mainly for Ukrainians, Russians and Chinese.

In Poland, the employment rate of the native-born population was the lowest (72%) compared to non-EU citizens (77%) and EU nationals (78%).

Non-EU nationals account for 1% of population in Central Europe

According to the EU’s statistical office, more than 600.000 non-EU citizens are officially registered as living in the Visegrad Group countries (half of which in the Czech Republic alone), thus accounting for roughly 1% of the population in Central Europe.

In several countries, including Slovakia and the Czech Republic, people from outside the bloc outnumber EU citizens established in the country.

Sweden boasts highest employment rate for native-born population

Other high employment rates for non-EU migrants were found in Malta (80%), Romania (78%), Poland (77%) and Portugal (76%). Belgium, meanwhile, had the lowest employment rate for people born outside the EU (54%).

The highest employment rates for the native-born population were found in Sweden (87%), Germany and the Netherlands (82%), Estonia (81%) and Denmark (80%).

Finally, the highest employment rates for migrants from other EU member states were registered in the U.K. (86%), followed by Portugal (84%), Sweden (83%), Malta (81%) and Germany (80%).