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Czech man sets Guinness World Record for “longest flight in a portable toilet”

A portable toilet lifted in the sky with a hot air balloon in the Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic – Covid-related travel restrictions may be pretty strict right now, but one man showed that it wasn’t an excuse not to experiment with other means of transportation. czech guinness world record

As local media reported earlier this week, a Czech man from the town of Pelhrimov, roughly located half-way between Prague and Brno, just entered the Guinness World Records today with one of the most mind-boggling achievements to date – even for 2020 standards.

Jan Smrčka set a new record for performing the world’s longest registered flight… in a portable toilet.


You read that right.

After taking off from the Pelhrimov’s central Masaryk square, the entrepreneurial Czech man spent a little more than 21 minutes in the air, transporting the portable toilet – instead of the more mainstream and traditional basket – in the sky with the help of a hot air balloon.

According to local reports, Jan Smrčka first got the idea for his airborne adventure two years ago, and had since then been working on how to make it work and on securing the certifications needed to make the flight.


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