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5 best sports bars in Prague

When it comes to revelry, Prague is still one of the best destinations in Europe, catering to virtually every party goer’s needs or wants. sports bars prague

Sometimes things can get so out of hand that sport gets left by the wayside altogether, but for those fans who never miss a game, no matter what else is going on around them, these Prague sports bars have offered sanctuary over the years, offering diverse match day experiences no matter what sport you follow.

Here are some of the Czech capital’s best sports bars.

Sports Bar Pohoda

When most people think of a sports bar, they usually assume it will be an Irish bar, but delve a little deeper into Prague’s bar culture and for those willing to look there are some excellent Czech sports bars waiting to be discovered.

Sports Bar Pohoda is one of these, a tiny little place that only needs a few people present to whip up an atmosphere. The bar is far cheaper than others in the old town, serves excellent tasting beers and there are less distractions too, because the owner doesn’t run a kitchen.

Whether you are settling in for a long night of NFL betting or you just want to catch a Czech league game in peace, Pohoda is always a good low key bet. You can even bring your dog if you like!


Jama Restaurant

If the lack of food at Pohoda is an issue for you, then perhaps the Jama Restaurant will be more to your liking. Its name is literally translated as The Hollow and when you enter you can see why, with the long dining area and bar stretching way back into this ancient building.

Outside there is even a beautiful beer garden, meaning you can pop outside for a smoke if the sports action inside is getting too much.

The food served here is hearty fare designed to keep you fueled up into extra time and able to sink plenty more beers long after the game has finished.

James Joyce Irish Pub

It was only a matter of time before we mentioned one Irish bar on this list, especially seeing as there are a good selection in the capital.

The James Joyce Irish Pub is the oldest of its kind in the city and because it has practiced its craft for so many years its owners have fine-tuned a customer’s experience, making for a cozy and heart-warming place.

It is also one of the city’s less rowdy Irish haunts, which bodes well for anyone who really wants to zero in on the game.


McCarthy’s Irish Pub

If the James Joyce Pub is a more sedate affair, then McCarthy’s Irish Pub is its polar opposite. It bills itself as not just a pub but a disco as well, boasting late night opening hours to match.

All that said, it still has that feel and charm that a good Irish pub should have, and you’ll easily find fellow fans to rub shoulders with either in front of a big screen or on the dance floor.

Zlatá Hvězda Sports Bar

If you grow tired of being surrounded by rowdy expats, stag parties, and expensive Guinness then you should pay Zlatá Hvězda Sports Bar a visit instead.

There are plenty of reasons why this bar is always packed on a game day, with well-priced drinks and food being complemented by a fun and varied clientele.

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