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Czech Republic launches special classes for Ukrainian child refugees


Prague, Czech Republic – Special classes for Ukrainian children fleeing the war are starting to be set up across the Czech Republic.

Introduced by the Ukrainian embassy and the Children of Ukraine Foundation, the project is supported by the Czech Education Ministry and local municipalities, including in Prague and Brno.

Only children with basic knowledge of the Czech language will be allowed to be enrolled in regular schools.

For all the others, local authorities are launching small classes for the thousands of Ukrainian child refugees that will be taught in their native language.

Parents can register their children on the website to take part in the courses, while native Ukrainian teachers living in the Czech Republic can also sign up on the website to teach.

Minister of Education Petr Gazdík said the government expected that up to half a million people from Ukraine could arrive in the Czech Republic after fleeing the war – most of them women and children.

Gazdík noted that the project will first be launched in major cities, and gradually expand to other parts of the territory depending on how the situation evolves.

The first classes opened this morning in selected Prague and Brno schools, with Ukrainian textbooks being sent from western Ukraine and created in the Czech Republic.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have already arrived in the Czech Republic since the Russian invasion, but exact figures are hard to come by and change daily.

Neighbouring Poland remains the main country of arrival for Ukrainian refugees, with more than one million of them having crossed the border since the beginning of the invasion.

Last week, Polish authorities promised that the country’s schools are ready to accept hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children, estimated to make up around half of refugees.

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