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Czechs benevolently look on as Slovak co-worker babbles on incoherently

Because humour is a fitting tool to discuss a world gone topsy-turvy, Kafkadesk is happy to present its new Satire column.

Brno, Czech Republic – Czech co-workers Markéta, Filip and Milan were seen calmly nodding their heads for a solid 12 minutes as they listened to the incoherent rambling of Slovak colleague Barbora in the breakroom yesterday morning.

The incident is not uncommon in the offices of the Brno-based IT company, especially when Barbora comes back from spending a few days back home across the border.

The all-Czech team has long devised various strategies to avoid being cornered by their one and only Slovak co-worker too early in the morning, and protocols to follow if all else fails.

“It really wasn’t that bad”, Markéta tells our reporters. “I mean sure, it’s a bit rough to start the week with that sort of burbling gabble, but I think we did ok, giving her nearly 15 minutes of quality face time. At least she got it out of her system now”.

Filip was less philosophical about the experience.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s kind of cute, listening to Barbora gives a sort of quaint and quirky feeling to the whole conversation thing, but my feeling and advice is don’t overdo it, especially in a work environment”.

“For my part, I just love it, it’s so refreshing to hear them speak”, finally opined Milan, a fresh recruit in the office. “Understanding happens on so many different levels. Personally, I simply close my eyes and take it all in, the gentle sounds, the flowing tones, the whole shebang.”

“Barbora seems like a pretty swell girl, I’m really looking forward to getting to know her better”, he added under the forgiving look of his more veteran colleagues.

Barbora was available for comment, but our team would rather not.

Reminder: all the events, quotes and situations mentioned in this article are fictitious. Check out our Parody section for more.