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Kinolod’: New cinema in Prague opens on a boat

Prague, Czech Republic – A cinema on a boat in Prague? As crazy as it may sound, it has just become a reality.

Prague-based film fans already had a wide range of options to enjoy a night out at the movies, rediscover old classics or follow the latest foreign productions: from the big chains to alternative venues like Kino Svetozor, Pilotu, Ponrepo, Aero or Bio Oko, there was no shortage of cinema halls.

And as warmer days approach, outside screenings will also start popping up all across town.

Kinolod’ is the newest addition to Prague’s cinema scene

But the newest addition to Prague’s cinema scene takes it up a notch.

As The Prague Reporter, a media specifically dedicated to the Czech capital’s cinema scene, reports, the newest cinema in Prague will be located in a boat, docked on the banks of the Vltava river by the marina of the Holesovice district.

Kinolod’ (literally, “cinema-boat”) officially opened its doors to the public less than a month ago. Located in a boat that dates back to 1925 but was specifically refurbished for the occasion, Kinolod’ offers a unique cinematic experience in a small and intimate cinema room (maximum capacity of 200 people) for the same price as any other venue in Prague (tickets usually run between 100 and 130 Kc).

With roughly two movies per weekdays (late afternoon + evening) and additional screenings during the week-end, moviegoers will be offered a wide choice of films, from international blockbusters to lesser-known, alternative Czech movies.

Kinolod’ will also work as an original and dedicated platform to showcase the work of home-grown talents.

Kinolod’ was officially launched last month / Credit: Kinolod’

This week-end (April 26-28), for instance, Kinolod’ will screen movies by students from Prague’s renowned FAMU cinema school, while also hosting a table football tournament.

For Kinolod’ is not only a cinema but also moonlights, whenever there are no screenings planned, as a bar, concert venue and cultural center.

Kinolod’ moonlights as a bar and hang-out place for table football enthusiasts / Credit: Kinolod’


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