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Hungary offers fastest internet in Central Europe

Budapest, Hungary – Wondering where to go to enjoy the fastest internet in Central and Eastern Europe? Hungary might be the answer, according to a new study.

Hungary boasts fastest internet in Central Europe

According to the annual Worldwide Broadband Speed League 2019 compiled by and open source project M-Lab, Hungary has the fastest internet in Central Europe, and third fastest in the overall Central and Eastern European region.

With an average download speed of 31.1 Megabytes per second (Mbps), Hungary is ranked 20th in the world, shortly ahead of its Visegrad neighbours.

Slovakia (23rd worldwide with an average speed of 29.45 Mbps) comes second in the region, followed by Poland (28th, 24.38 Mbps) and the Czech Republic (31st worldwide, 21.8 Mbps).

Latvia (16th worldwide, 32.74 Mbps) and Estonia (18th, 31.55 Mbps) top the ranking for the wider Central and Eastern European region, edging off Romania who fell from top performer in the CEE region (and 5th in the world) last year to 37th globally in 2019.

Taiwan and Singapore boast best internet speed in the world

Worldwide, the countries with the fastest internet this year are Taiwan (85.02 Mbps) and Singapore (70.86 Mbps), followed by Jersey, Sweden, Denmark and Japan.

The United States comes at the 15th position, ahead of countries like France (22nd), Germany (27th), the U.K. (34th) and Russia (54th). With a mean download speed of 2.69 Mbps, China is ranked 152nd in the world.

Generally speaking, however, Europe has the world’s highest concentration of countries with fast or very fast broadband, as the study points out: “We measured 54 countries in the European region and all but one of them [Armenia] fall within the top 100 fastest”, including 37 within the top 50 fastest.

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