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Czech tourist dies in Bali motorcycle accident

Prague, Czech Republic – A 51-year-old tourist from the Czech Republic identified as Martin Poledna was killed in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday in Bali.

He is the second Czech national to die on the Indonesian island this summer.

According to the police, the tourist steered his motorbike too far to the right when a truck came from the opposite direction and hit his vehicle.

Poledna had been driving with his wife on the back of the motorbike. They were immediately brought to the Singaraja General Hospital after the accident.

“Martin Poledna was declared dead after receiving treatment at Singaraja General Hospital,” a police spokesperson said in a statement collected by Coconuts Bali.

His wife suffered minor injuries on her arms and legs from the accident, while the truck driver survived without injuries, according to authorities.

Despite being one of the world’s deadliest places for motorcyclists, riding a motorbike in Bali remains commonplace for many foreigners on the island, even for young and inexperienced backpackers who never drive motorcycles back home.

A motorbike can be rented for between Rp 50,000 (3 euros) and Rp 100,000 per day with owners of rentals rarely asking for a driver’s license from foreigners.

To control the increasing number of traffic accidents, local police has been continuously conducting raids targeting locals and tourists on motorbikes.

Martin Poledna is the second Czech tourist to die on the Indonesian holiday destination of Bali this summer.

Last month, 33-year-old Czech national Eliska Frank died on the island after her stomach ruptured, causing serious internal bleeding.

She died days after her husband travelled to Bali from the Czech Republic and pleaded online for help finding a blood match.

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