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Poland has one of the highest daily traffic to Pornhub, says annual report

Warsaw, Poland – Like every year, the popular porn website Pornhub has released its annual “Year in Review” which includes its list of the 20 countries with the highest daily traffic to its platform.

Warning. This article may not be suitable for minors.

While the US, Japan and the UK claim the first three spots, Poland once again makes the ranking, finishing 14th, right above India who moved down 12 positions after the Indian government blocked access to the website in 2018. These 20 countries make up 79% of Pornhub’s daily traffic.

Many of these countries obviously making the list because of their large population, Pornhub also released its Top 20 Cities ranking, topped by New York City, London and Paris, in which Warsaw comes in 12th.

Credit: Pornhub Insights

Poland’s 2019 search preferences

Interestingly enough, when looking at the country’s search preferences in 2019, Pornhub reveals that ‘Polskie porno’ (Polish porn) and ‘Polska’ are Poland’s top two searches, with ‘polish’, ‘polskie’ and ‘poland’ also among the top searches of 2019. In fact, compared to 2018, ‘polskie porno’ grew by 568% and ‘polish amateur sex’ by 522%. ‘Russian’, meanwhile, grew by 395%. highest traffic pornhub

Not very exotic then, even if ‘hentai’ is up 88 spots. Let’s also just take a moment to point out that ‘fortnite’ was the top trending search of 2018.

The report reveals that ‘MILF’, ‘Mature’, ‘Lesbian’ are the three most popular categories in Poland. Also, visitors from Poland are 98% more likely to view videos in the ‘Czech’ category when compared to the rest of the world, 77% more into ‘Feet’ and 57% more into ‘Orgy’ videos.

Credit: Pornhub Insights

Elsewhere in Central Europe, the report reveals that the most viewed category in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary is ‘Lesbian’, as opposed to ‘Hentai’ in Russia and Ukraine, and ‘Mature’ in Romania. As always, Poland stands out then.

Sasha Grey became Poland’s most searched pornstar, replacing Elsa Jean, now second. Lana Rhoades, Nicole Aniston and Riley Reid complete the Top 5. Goodbye Mia Khalifa, Madison Ivy and Mia Malkova who were among the country’s most searched pornstars in 2018.

Poland also stands out by having one of the highest proportion of female visitors (35%), behind the Philippines (39%), Brazil (39%), Mexico (36%), Argentina (36%) and Australia (35%). The worldwide average is 32%. highest traffic pornhub

When it comes to the age of Pornhub visitors from Poland, most are aged 25 to 34 (34%) and 18 to 24 (25%), while a smaller proportion are aged 35 to 44 (18%), 45 to 54 (11%) and 55 to 64 (8%). None, of course, are under-aged…

Credit: Pornhub Insights

42 billion visitors worldwide

According to the report, there were over 42 billion visit to Pornhub in 2019 worldwide, which means an average of 115 million visits per day – that’s the equivalent of the populations of Canada, Australia, Poland and the Netherlands all visiting in one day. There also was a record amount of video uploads, with over 6.83 million new videos uploaded to the website – the report states that “if you strung all of 2019’s new video content together and started watching them back in 1850, you’d still be watching them today”.

While last year’s favourite Movie character Harley Quinn stayed strong with 9 million searches in 2019, the report notes that there was a massive 3,345% increase in ‘Joker’ searches after the release of Todd Phillips’ Oscar-contender, bringing it to a total of 2.3 million searches for 2019, including 354,198 just on October 11.

Pornhub was launched in Montreal in 2007.

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