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Central Europeans moving to online casinos amid COVID restrictions


Prague, Czech Republic- There is an emerging trend in central European casinos that may end up becoming the new norm. As countries continued to implement more corona safety measures, players could not visit the land-based casinos, temporarily closed due to a ban or limitations on public gatherings. As a result, more players opted for online casinos rather than the land-based casinos.

Initially, online platforms were popular among millennials, but even older users, more sceptical at first about the practice, are now registering with online casinos after the lockdown. An example of this growing trend includes preparing online tutorials guiding users on how to create an account and how to make deposits and withdrawals.

In the Czech Republic, land-based casinos were shut down for about two months to help curb the virus’s spread. As a result, gamblers were forced to look for alternatives. Casino providers like Sazska reported an increased number of new account registrations on their online platforms. 

In an era where people are urged to maintain social distance and avoid closed public spaces, online casinos are seen as a convenient alternative. Furthermore, most of Central European countries restricted people’s movement, both at home and abroad, making it hard for the gamblers to reach the land-based casinos, including in neighbouring countries and other popular gambling destinations in Europe.

The question casino operators are trying to answer is whether the players who shifted to the online platforms will continue to use the online channel when restrictions are lifted and once the dust settles.

As for land-based casinos that didn’t have an online platform, they are now rethinking their strategy to remain competitive in the current market, and are increasingly looking at digital or hybrid solutions.

Online casinos are now the preferred solutions for many gamblers, but whether or not that trend is here to stay remains to be seen.

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