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The 5 best business schools in Poland


Where you get your education is as important as how much you study. The quality of education is not the same in all institutions. This is why there are ratings, lists, and accreditation that students get access to when picking a school to attend. In Poland, educational institutions go through a rigorous accreditation process including business schools. The institutions and schools have to meet certain criteria to live up to the standard for education and research. If you’re looking for the best choices to study business in Poland, you can find some amazing institutions operating in this country, which is becoming increasingly popular for students from all around the world.

1. SGH Warsaw School of Economics

The Warsaw School of Economics is rated as one of the top 90 business schools in all of Europe. It’s also called the Szkola Glowna Handlowa and is the oldest business educational institution in Poland. It’s rooted back to 1906. According to the local newspaper Rzeczpospolita, this is the first selected economics university in the country and had, according to the Perspektywy Educational Foundation, the best MBA program in 2018.

If you get accepted into this school, you can expect top-rated education and numerous benefits. This is not an easy school to study at, but obtaining its degree has many perks for a student. If you need some guidance for your writing assignments, you can always use some free business essay topics from reliable sources online.

The SGH Warsaw School offers education to college and university students. It has MBA, graduate, doctorate, undergraduate, and postgraduate degree programs, as well as 177 fields of study. Thanks to its popularity, over 300 international students now study there.

2.   Kozminski University

Kozminski University joins SGH in the list of best European universities and is one of the best business schools to attend in Poland. It’s an internationally recognized educational institution with 3 accreditations: AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS. It also has several Polish accreditations and numerous rewards.

The Kozminski school has one of the best-ranked Master degree programs in Management (42nd place on a worldwide level), and Finance and Accounting (17th place). It currently cooperates with over 200 academic institutions in the world and accepts hundreds of international students via foreign exchange.

3.   Wroclaw University of Economics

This university exists since 1947. At first, it was a private business school and was nationalized in 1950 in Poland. Even though it doesn’t offer as many options as the previous institutions in this list, it has some top-rated programs in Economic Sciences, Engineering and Economics, Economics, Management and Tourism, and Computer Science and Finance.

Many of the educators who work in this school are distinguished and praised in the educational community. This is an excellent research school that performs a variety of academic and scientific activities. Their works have been published in international and national journals.

4.   Poznan University of Economics and Business

Also called Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu or UEP, this state university exists since 1926 and is one of the best in Poland. UEP is ranked as one of the top educational choices by Rzeczpospolita and comes very close in rating to Kozminski and the Warsaw School of Economics. It has won first place in the international ranking of Eduniversal under the “Excellent Business School” category.

The PUEB currently conducts a total of 14 courses and has 4 main departments: Economics, Informatics and Electronic Economy, Commodity and Management, and International Economics.

5.   University of Euroregional Economy

Lastly, the University of Euroregional Economy offers exclusive programs in different regions of the country. It is one of the newer institutions, established back in 2002. It offers courses in diplomatic law, administration, management, business information systems, engineering management, business administration, etc.

Pursuing higher education is a great step in the life of an individual. This opens up many opportunities for your future. However, your future career, as well as the quality of education are greatly determined by where you study. If you decide to study in Poland, you should check these five business schools.

By Robert Everett

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