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What are the best business schools in Slovakia?

Finding excellent business schools around the world is a difficult task for most students, but a country like Slovakia is a good option for students who wish to save money, receive flexibility and get quality education at the same time as per global accredited standards.

Comenius University Faculty of Management

The Comenius University Faculty of Management is considered one of the best business schools in Slovakia. Multiple undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs are offered. The university possesses one of the best faculties in the world from a business background. Students learn in an interactive classroom environment which helps them to understand complex concepts. The students are given tasks to implement the theories taught in the classroom to solve a given issue. It helps the student to understand about applying a concept in the context of a real-world problem.

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Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Kosice

The Slovak universities like Pavol Jozef Šafárik provide quality education to the students. The lectures are delivered to the students in both English and Slovak language. It makes understanding class lectures super easy for students. A wide range of degree programs is available for students.

The different faculties like Public Administration, Science, Medicine, Arts, and Law put their efforts into conducting research work. Moreover, the focus is on equipping the students with modern techniques that are applied in industries. The labs of the university use state of the art technology and the best equipment for conducting practical’s.

Slovak University of Economics in Bratislava

The University of Economics in Bratislava believes in providing the best and quality higher education at all levels of studies. It is one of the best business schools in Slovakia. The focus is on the development of critical thinking abilities in the student. Teachers encourage the students to research on their own about the topics covered in the class. It develops a self-learning habit among the students, which is good for their academic and professional growth. Such an approach adopted by the faculty prepares the students to face the challenges of the real world.

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Technical University of Kosice

The Technical University of Kosice is regarded as one of the top universities in Slovakia. A total of nine faculty programs are offered in the university. An up-to-date and latest information is provided to the students about different disciplines. The Aeronautics, Arts, Manufacturing, Metallurgy, Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil departments are equipped with digital libraries and modern labs.

The university possesses a good infrastructure that attracts numerous international students. Individuals from different parts of the world take admission to this prestigious university to equip themselves with the latest knowledge. The different courses which the students complete during their degree program develop their skills. The business concepts are applied by the students in solving a business problem. Every student works independently on the assignment, which enables them to understand different business concepts.

Faculty of Management Science and Informatics

The faculty of Management Science and Informatics department of the University of Žilina possesses some of the best faculties in the world. Most of the professors hold a Ph.D. degree. Moreover, they have published multiple research papers which show their command on the topic.

The business program gives the students insights into the latest and best methods available to analyze, utilize, and interpret data. The critical thinking and logical thinking ability of the students are developed during the degree program. Professors give special attention to every student to resolve their queries. Besides, extra classes are conducted for helping the students understand complex concepts and topics.

Master of Marketing and Management of Business

The degree program Marketing and Management of Business of Matej Bel University develops competency in students. Specific task assignments are given to the students who test their analytical thinking ability. Moreover, students use their innovative and critical thinking skills to solve a business problem. The students are introduced to the different components of the business environment and market trends. With time the students get an understanding of the possible future consequences and threats related to business.

Pan European University

The Pan European University is one of the highest-rated universities which provides business education to students. The Faculty of Economics and Business possesses state of the art infrastructure and well-furnished classrooms. The professors provide full attention to students individually to resolve their issues.

The focus of the focus is on conducting research work. It develops a thorough understanding among the students about different business topics. The students are given different challenges and tasks to solve independently. Students research the topic online and prepare the assignment using their analysis.

College of Public Administration Economics and Management

The College of Public Administration Economics and Management provides higher education to students. The degree program follows the European trends and standards of education. The best approaches and practices incorporated in the business scenario is discussed and demonstrated in the classroom.

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Above is the list of top business schools in Slovakia. It will help you find the right educational institute to pursue your undergraduate or postgraduate education. Look at the curriculum offered by the business schools and fee structure before you make a final decision.

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