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Why you should study in Poland

For some of the youngsters (and arguably their parents!) the end of the year is a time to decide about their future education. And studying at a top university in Europe is on the bucket-list of every student. So if you want to study abroad… why not Poland?

High quality universities

Poland is a beautiful country with more than four hundred educational institutions. The country is dotted with great universities that boast top-notch faculty. Some of the universities like University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, and Adam Mickiewicz University are highly rated by the international experts. The presence of high-quality labs, good infrastructure, professional staff and qualified faculty. These are some of the most prominent universities in Poland which offer more than 30 study fields and 100 specializations.

Students from different parts of the world pursue their higher education in polish universities. It provides them with an enormous opportunity to get equipped with the latest techniques. The curriculum of the universities is updated regularly and fulfils the industry demands.

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To study in Poland is a low-cost option for students when compared to the rest of Europe. On average the tuition fees of Polish universities are approximately 1 400 Euros per year. When you compare it with France, UK, Sweden or Germany, the tuition fees start from 7 000 Euros per year. In some cases, the tuition fees go above 10 000 Euros per year, which is very costly for students.

Pursuing your education in Poland will allow you to save a sufficient amount of money. The polish education does not cost the students much as it falls within their budget in most cases. The total cost of living in Poland is cheap. You can easily share a room with a partner in only 100 Euros. It puts a less financial burden on the students.  Besides, public transportation only costs you 20 Euros per month. During the summer season, you can travel using your bike which saves you much money.

Vibrant student and cultural life

Polish universities provide you with a vibrant environment. It is one of the best reasons to study in Poland. A lot of festivals, parties, sports, birthday celebrations and educational events are conducted in universities and colleges. It makes your time enjoyable and fun. You will not regret your decision of continuing education in Poland. The economy of the country has grown rapidly in the last decade. It means that the facilities available to the students are comparable with any other part of Europe.


The most exciting Poland education fact is that compulsory education for all people ends at the age of 18. The children are admitted in the school at the age of 6 and end once the kid gets 12 years of education. After that, the process of getting admission in a top Polish college or school starts.

Numerous scholarships are available for students belonging to the Asian countries. All the discounts are dedicated to international students who belong to countries that come under Eastern European Partnership. Besides, if your country is part of the Socrates-Erasmus network, you can avail plenty of scholarships. A good option for you is to directly contact the Polish embassy, which is situated in your country. It will help you to identify the different types of scholarships which are available online.

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Great career opportunities

Studying at a top university in Poland is just the beginning of your career. After completing your education, you can either start your company or find an excellent job in a reputed organization. The foreign organizations that are running their business operations in Poland prefer hiring fresh graduates. Multiple communities and societies help the students in establishing their business. Moreover, they work with the students to generate sufficient funds and also provide them with technical assistance.  The Polish universities are ranked among some of the best universities in the world. If you graduate from one of these educational institutes with high grades, you can find top-paying jobs. Most of the companies prefer students with a foreign degree. Studying in Polish institutes will provide you with an edge over others and develop a high competency level in you.

Polish hospitality

To provide excellent hospitality to foreigners is part of the Polish culture. As a student, you can expect an invitation to a casual lunch or dinner. Moreover, Poles do not hesitate in providing help to the guests. A good-natured individual will even allow you to spend a couple of nights at their house. You will find relevant support in finding suitable accommodation. It will make your stay in Poland an enjoyable experience for you.

Moreover, the Poland study schedule is not very hectic for the students. Professors give some time to the students enrolled in the course to complete their assignments in college or university timings. It does not put any additional burden or stress on the students. However, some complex assignments can become challenging for the student to solve. If you have no time to write an essay – pay for essays. It will help you to maintain a good academic performance. To secure good grades in exams and coursework is good for your career. It will open up exciting job opportunities for you once you complete your undergraduate studies. Most of the recruiters prefer students with high grades and CGPA.


If you want to study abroad, Poland provides you with quality education options at a cheap rate. To crown all that, you are going to have fun as the Polish people are highly hospitable… so really, why not?

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