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Czech Republic has Europe’s densest railway network


Prague, Czech Republic – The Czech Republic boasts the densest and most extensive railway system in Europe, according to new figures released by Eurostat.

Modernization of Czech railways in the spotlight

With an average of 121 km of train tracks per 1,000 km², the Czech Republic comes far ahead any other country in the EU in terms of railway density relative to the size of its territory.

In absolute terms, the Czech railway network represents around 9,500 km of lines – of which only 30% if electrified – with frequent links to the respective networks of its four neighbouring countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland).

Every year, Czech authorities earmark billions of crowns for the modernisation of its domestic network, including for the renovation and repair of tracks, the technological modernisation of its infrastructure and the rehabilitation of train stations, many of which are still in dire need of a face-lift.

Source: Eurostat

Despite the extensiveness of the railway network, train accidents remain quite rare in the Czech Republic.

German urban centers at the top of the list

Germany comes second (107 km / 1,000 km²), followed by Hungary (98 km), Slovakia (74 km) and the Netherlands (73 km).

Most other countries included in the study have a nationwide railway density of less than 50 km per 1,000 km².

When looking as specific regions, Berlin takes the top spot with 698 km of railways per 1,000 km², followed by Prague (491), Hamburg (395), Budapest (390) and Bremen (337).

The complete results are available on the Eurostat website.

Main photo credit: Ceske Drahy

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