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Iconic Swiss chocolate-maker Toblerone moves to Slovakia


Bratislava, Slovakia – From the Swiss Alps to the Tatras: Toblerone, the iconic chocolate bars famous around the world for its triangular shape, will shift part of its production in Slovakia to cut costs and “respond to the growing demand”, Newsweek reported.

In a historic move for the mountain-shaped chocolate, the American-owned company will relocate some of its production capabilities to Bratislava, where it also produces Milka and Suchard chocolates.

Made in the Swiss capital of Bern for more than 100 years, the well-known triangular-shaped chocolate bars – a tribute to the nearby Swiss Alps and specifically the Matterhorn – came under the control of Chicago-based confectionary manufacturer Mondelez in 1990.

The cost-saving move is expected to be completed by the end of 2023 and will lead to Toblerone losing its label as a “Swiss-made chocolate” on its packaging, even though large parts of production will remain in its Bern historic production centre.

“Bern is at the heart of the Toblerone story, we’ll keep making our best-selling 100-gramme bars there,” Mondelez spokeswoman Livia Kolmitz said in a statement, saying the company will increase its local capacities and denying rumours of possible job cuts in the Alpine country.

“We’ll relaunch the Toblerone packaging from this summer, saying the brand was ‘established in Switzerland’”, Kolmitz commented regarding the loss of the prestigious “made in Switzerland” label.

Created in Switzerland in 1908 by cousin chocolatiers Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann, Toblerone has since been enjoyed by millions around the world, identifiable by its unique shape – legally protected since 1909 – and recognisable flavour mixing honey and almond nougat. Its first dark chocolate variety was introduced in 1969.

Today, Toblerone produces 7 billion chocolate bars a year and exports approximately 97% of it to 120 countries around the world.

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