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Poland’s first-ever walrus spotted on Baltic beach


Warsaw, Poland – An Arctic walrus was seen on Poland’s northern Baltic coast in what is believed to be the country’s first sighting in history.

The 2-metre-long female mammal was found last week by a man on the beach in Łazy, close to the popular seaside summer resort of Mielno.

The animal appeared to be generally healthy if somewhat underweight, and was possibly the same one spotted a week before on the German island of Rügen.

“The walrus, a large predatory marine mammal, has appeared on one of the most popular beaches in Poland,” wrote the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), called to the scene to rescue the animal before putting her back to sea with hopes it would find its way back to the North Sea.

“Meeting a walrus in the Baltic Sea is a very unusual sight. These mammals live in the cold waters of the Arctic among floating ice fields,” the WWF explained on social media.

While the rare sighting might have given some joy to unsuspecting passers-by, experts warn that the Baltic Sea is not a naturally hospitable place for walruses, and that she might have trouble finding food in the area.