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Poland’s Senate recognises Russia as a “terrorist regime”


Warsaw, Poland – The Polish Senate unanimously passed a resolution on Wednesday branding the Russia as a “terrorist regime”.

Passed with the support of all 85 senators present (out of 100), the resolution calls on “all countries that support peace, democracy and human rights to recognise the authorities of the Russian Federation as a terrorist regime”.

Enumerating atrocities and war crimes committed by the Russian army in Ukraine, including instances of deliberate strikes against civilian targets, cases of torture and murder of civilians or prisoners of war, as well as the deportation of Ukrainian children in occupied territories, Poland’s Senate strongly condemned Russia’s “beastly war on Ukraine”, whose “aim is to wipe a sovereign country off the map”.

“We know all these acts of state terrorism well from the pages of history,” the resolution reads, calling on the international community to ensure Russia is held accountable at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“The Europeans believed that they would never be threatened by genocide and war crimes. Meanwhile, Putin and his apparatus of violence have returned to the brutal practices of the Stalinist and Nazi regimes. Therefore, it is necessary to defeat Russia and deprive it of any opportunity to threaten its neighbours.”

One of Ukraine’s staunchest allies, Poland joins the three Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia in officially designating Russia as a terrorist regime since Moscow launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine last February.

Earlier this month, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe – not an EU institution – also adopted a resolution labelling Russia a “terrorist regime”. Russia had been excluded from the Council of Europe in March.

In the United States, senators introduced legislation calling on the US Congress to do the same and add Russia to its terrorist blacklist, but the bills haven’t advanced yet.