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Charles Bridge graffiti vandals banned from Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic – Don’t mess with our national monuments – or else. hat’s the message Czech authorities, although handing a suspended sentence, sent after delivering a five-year ban to two foreigners who were arrested while spray-painting a large graffiti on one of the pillars of the iconic Charles Bridge.

In addition to the ban on entering the Czech Republic for a period of five years, the two mischief-makers, both German nationals aged 23 and 30 years old respectively, have been fined 100,000 Kc each (around 4,000 euros) and ordered to cover the cost of cleaning and restoration, to be carried out by municipal authorities.

The Czech court also ordered the German culprits to leave the country on Friday night at the latest.

The two foreigners were arrested on Monday evening after they were caught in the act of spray-painting a five-meter long and two-meter high graffiti on the Charles Bridge, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Prague. According to local media, they were arrested after a bystander spotted them and called the police.

Reacting to the news, Prague mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Czech Pirate Party) called this an act of “cultural barbarism”. The German Ambassador in Prague also apologized for the behaviour of the two German nationals.