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Tucker Carlson confuses Slovakia with Serbia in praising Hungary’s immigration strategy


Budapest, Hungary – In a TV interview on Fox News praising Hungary’s immigration policy, Tucker Carlson appeared to have mixed up the country’s northern and southern neighbours.

“They take the guys, they take their picture, they interview them and then like 15 minutes later they lead them outside the fence and let them back into Slovakia”, the controversial anchor of the US conservative channel said.

“And that’s the whole thing, and it works,” he continues.

His comments were made in reference to Hungary’s “whole immigration strategy” which he saw “first-hand” during a visit to the country in 2021 and which included a day trip to Hungary’s border fence at its southern border with Serbia.

The Fox News segment in question (see video below) included footage of Carlson at the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Social media users were quick to mock the blunder of the TV host, who in the past year has positioned himself as one of the most vocal defenders of the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban in the US.

Some also pointed out that Hungary simply could not operate this way with Slovakia, a fellow EU and Schengen member state.

An unfortunate albeit more common blunder can lead foreign commentators to mix up Slovakia and Slovenia.

The Fox News interview was held for the release of the Tucker Carlson documentary “Hungary vs. George Soros: The Fight for Civilization”.