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Polish city of Poznań shortlisted for European Capital of Smart Tourism

Poznan, Poland – Located in the centre of Poland, the city of Poznań was shortlisted to become the European Capital of Smart Tourism 2019.

Recently launched by the European Commission, this program intends to recognize and promote two cities “with the most smart, innovative and inclusive approaches to their tourism development”. The selection is based on four criteria: sustainability, accessibility, digitization, as well as cultural heritage and creativity. Any EU city with over 100.000 inhabitants can apply – or the largest city for countries where no city has more than 100.000 residents.

Apart from the main title, for which Poznań is competing, four other cities will receive awards in the individual categories mentioned above. The nine other cities shortlisted this year are: Brussels (Belgium), Tallinn (Estonia), Helsinki (Finland), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Nantes and Lyon (France), as well as Malaga, Palma and Valencia (Spain).

The final awards ceremony will take place on November 7 in Brussels on European Tourism Day.

Located half-way between Berlin and Warsaw, Poznań is the 5th biggest city in Poland with over 500.000 inhabitants. According to official data, over 2 million tourists visited the city last year.

Still under the tourist radar compared to places like Warsaw, Kraków or Wroclaw, Poznań is sometimes referred to as the “hipster” capital of Poland, a reference to its vibrant cultural scene and bustling night-life. If you’re thinking about going there, you can check out the city’s main historical sites and cultural activities here. Some scholars also consider it to have been the birthplace of Poland in the Xth century.

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8 comments on “Polish city of Poznań shortlisted for European Capital of Smart Tourism

  1. Weronika

    It’s spelled Poznań not Poznán. Please change it. It’s hurting my eyes and other Polish people. Nice article tho!

  2. English johnny

    Smart tourism, I think not, they allow 25 -35 year old buses to run around the city at weekends belching out poisonous exhaust fumes with very little regard for air purity control. SMART TOURISM . . . . . . .I THINK NOT. 😡😡😡

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