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Second season of ‘The Witcher’ to shoot in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia – The second season of Netflix’s 2019 hit-show The Witcher will film in locations in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, according to insiders reports.

The upcoming season of Netflix’s fantasy drama, based on the best-selling books by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski – who worked as a creative consultant on the show – will also shoot in studios in London and on the Scottish Isle of Skye.

The Witcher‘s first season, that premiered in December and instantly became one of the streaming platform’s biggest commercial hits, was mainly filmed in locations throughout Poland – including in the southern village of Rabsztyn and its castle ruins – Hungary and the Canary Islands, as well as small stints in Slovakia.

Various shot of Cintra were, for instance, filmed on the Hungarian-Slovak border at the twin fortresses of Komarom and Komarno. The exact filming dates and locations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for the upcoming The Witcher season, due to start shooting in February for a 2021 release, remain unknown at this time.

According to various reports, The Witcher achieved the best result for a first-season original Netflix series, with 76 million member households tuning in to watch the adventures of Henry Cavill in the role of the lonely and famously-loquacious monster-hunter Giralt of Rivia – benefiting from an extensive in-built fan base stemming from the success of Sapkowski’s novels, as well as the hugely popular video games franchise developed by Poland’s industry leader CD Projekt Red.

The Witcher was expected to target Game of Thrones fans left hung out dry after the end of HBO’s epic series’ final season.

Sapkowski’s fantasy novels had already been adapted into a 2001 movie, known as The Hexer worldwide (Wiedźmin in Polish), initially intended as a TV-series before being squished into a two-hour, highly criticized feature movie.

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